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Specialising in Children’s Constipation, Digestive Disorders and Gut Health

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Online Children’s Nutrition Consultations

Children today are often struggling with digestive health, experiencing ongoing constipation, diarrhea, reflux, food intolerances, stomach pains, bloating and tiredness. As parents, our children’s tummy problems and related health challenges can be a huge cause of concern and stress.

I offer personalised advice and treatment to parents and their children aged 2 and above through convenient and effective online consultations. I will work with you and your child to find the underlying cause of their digestive problems and provide a personalised action plan for lasting digestive health.

With over 14 years as a nutritionist specialising in kids’ digestion and gut health, I’ve helped many families (including my own) to overcome digestive disorders using natural food and targeted supplements. I hold a current working with children check and make it a priority to include them as much as possible, ensuring they feel comfortable and making the process fun and stress-free.

Kids Tummy Troubles

Tummy troubles make kids uncomfortable, irritable and just generally unhappy. They can also leave parents feeling confused, worried and even guilty or lacking confidence in how to feed their child. I’m passionate about helping parents to overcome their child’s digestive health challenges by getting their bowels working again naturally with both dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

I see so many kids put on laxatives without a long-term plan or strategy to remove the laxative.  This approach not only fails to look for the cause of why the child is constipated in the first place but also enables the bowel to become “lazy”.

Instead of the use of laxatives we use foods as therapy such as prebiotics, fibre and certain fruits and vegetables. Where necessary I may recommend gut microbiome testing and food intolerance testing to identify a root cause rather than focusing on the surface symptoms. 

My services are suited for a child experiencing ongoing;

  • Constipation 
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Acid Reflux
  • Tummy Pain
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Children’s Gut Health

Despite growing awareness of the importance of gut health, it’s still often an afterthought in children’s health. The gut can be thought of as the body’s second brain and the health of this key system can have far-reaching impacts throughout the body. 

Your child’s gut health can affect mood, energy levels, brain function, immunity, sleep, skin health and of course, digestion. A gut biome that is dominated by bad bacteria (dysbiosis), parasites, or suffering from inflammation or leaky gut syndrome may cause a range of physical and mental symptoms in your child. 

For example, I noticed my daughter had eczema when she was 3 and I had my suspicions that it was dairy causing her eczema (she loved eating lots of yoghurt). We undertook food intolerance testing and found that dairy had high levels of IgG reactivity. Once we removed the yoghurt from her diet, her eczema cleared up and as a bonus, she was able to go to the toilet much more easily.

I use comprehensive Stool Testing, Microbiome Mapping, IgG Food Intolerance Testing and Blood Testing to get a detailed understanding of your child’s gut function, leaky gut (permeability), microbe populations, parasites/worms and so much more. Once we’ve found the root cause I will create a personalised action plan to overcome the issue by using natural foods and targeted supplements to repair your child’s gut health.

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Food as Complimentary Medicine

I use food and nutrition as complementary medicine to help parents manage various conditions in their children, including epilepsy as well as learning, development, and behavioural issues. I support your child with the right foods, vitamins and minerals alongside any prescribed medications or treatments.

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A Holistic Approach to Your Child’s Digestive and Gut Health 

My online nutrition appointments are designed for busy families looking for professional tailored support. No travelling to and from the clinic and boring waiting rooms, just find a time that suits you best and we will meet for a video chat.

I will generally speak with 1 or both parents on Zoom. It’s great to have the child involved where possible and have them actively participate in the process. I hold a current working with children check and have extensive experience working with children both in the clinic and online. 

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Sonya Reynolds

I’m Sonya Reynolds, a Sydney-based degree certified Nutritionist and Life Coach with over 14 years of experience. I use a holistic approach to food and mindset to help my clients achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

If you’d like to get to know me and how I can help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals please contact me for a 15-minute no-obligation chat to see if we can work together.

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