Supporting epilepsy with natural medicine

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with Epilepsy?

And are you now feeling completely overwhelmed, confused and scared?

Over 12 years ago my daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy and I have been in your shoes.

And now, after 12 years of research and personal experience I have decided my goal is to support families just like mine.

The Epilepsy Masterclass brings together all of my knowledge, teachings, and advice from over a decade of both personally and professionally diving deep into the often misunderstood world of epilepsy.

This masterclass will give you insights into the way I approach epilepsy using natural medicine. It’s full of both evidence-based AND practical tips, and is suitable for those who are new to diagnosis as well as those who have lived with the challenges of epilepsy for a while.

In this masterclass you will learn:

Potential drivers of epilepsy

Common vitamin and mineral deficiencies
(and what to do about them!)

Medication interactions and how to reduce side effects

Functional tests that no has explained to you

Dietary interventions to improve quality of life

Over a decade of personal lessons and learnings interwoven with my clinical expert advice in this masterclass will set you back only $39.95…and could change your life!

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I loved attending your masterclass on Epilepsy. I learnt so much more (in detail) about your theories and wholistic approach to epilepsy management. It helped me to understand how it all pieces together. The journey with your daughter, and how you apply that knowledge to your clients – the passion speaks for itself.  I get why you’re prescribing supplements for Violet that she needs, and how it all fits in.  It’s a working progress and I love to see the changes and improvements in Violet. Love your work! Thank you so much!


Meet your nutritionist

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I’m Sonya Reynolds, a degree certified Nutritionist and Life Coach with over 16 years of experience. I specialise in helping mums and their children work towards healthier lives, naturally.

I use a holistic approach to help my clients achieve their health and wellbeing goals by combining natural nutrition and wellness coaching. I help women of all ages and walks of life to reset, recalibrate and reinvigorate their lives through nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset.

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Sydney, NSW