My interest in nutrition was sparked by a desire to help people heal themselves.

But life was to turn that on its head as it were me and my family that needed the healing.

Hi, I’m Sonya. And I know exactly what it’s like to have your life turned upside down in an instant.

Unknown to me, my knowledge and experience in Nutrition would become the key to healing our family when my eldest daughter was diagnosed with sudden onset, rare and aggressive epilepsy at age 3 and a half.

Prior to that she was reaching all of her milestones, but suddenly our lives were transformed with endless hospital visits, medications and fear for our child’s well being.

Drawing on my skills and a deep understanding of the body, I was able to make changes that I believe saved her life. Slowly but surely our daughter came back to us.

During this time I developed some amazing “life coping skills” which led me to also become a certified Beautiful You life coach. I wanted to help others navigate this tricky and often unspoken-about path. Childhood illness affects everyone deeply, and I wanted to be equipped to not only help heal other families through food and nutrition, but to hold space for them to also walk this path and still achieve their personal goals.

The combination of nutrition and life coaching has enabled me to apply this to not only families going through tough times, but to other parents who still want to move forward in life, reach their goals (whatever they are!) and start living their purpose, on purpose.


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