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Personal support and tailored programs to help you achieve your health and well-being goals

Sonya Reynolds is a degree-certified clinical nutritionist with over 16 years of experience. Sonya uses a blend of functional testing, natural food, supplements and mindset to help her clients achieve their health and well-being goals.  Sonya specialises in Women’s Weight Loss, Children’s Nutrition, Digestive Disorders and Gut Health as well as Nutritional Therapy for Epilepsy

My Unique Skill Set

I blend my exceptional understanding of the human body and the complexities of food and nutrition with my extensive 16 years of practical experience to provide individualised advice on how to eat, feel better and achieve your goals.

Like a detective, I use functional testing to determine the root cause of your issue to deliver evidence-based advice and practical measures to manage and overcome the roadblocks to a healthier happier life. 

My Qualifications

I have earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma in Nutrition. I then went on to achieve a Graduate Certificate in Nutrition from Deakin University. I am also a certified Beautiful You Life Coach, a certified ThetaHealer and an active member of Complementary Medicines Australia (CMA)

My Experience

My 16 years of experience as a qualified nutritionist have included;

  • Over 5 years as a Senior Trainer and Practitioner Educator for Bioceuticals
  • 4.5 years as a private practice nutritionist at Emma Sutherland’s Studio You clinic.
  • 14 years as a private practice nutritionist in my own business “Sonya Reynolds”  
Womens Weight Loss Services by Sonya Reynolds

My Story

My interest in nutrition was sparked by a desire to help people heal themselves. But life was to turn that on its head and it would be me and my family that needed the healing. My journey starts like many great stories; with a quarter-life crisis. Feeling lost and disillusioned with the path I was on, I found myself drawn towards helping people in a more meaningful way. 

When I was studying Nutrition, I remember they started teaching us about Epilepsy and I thought “gosh that is HARD I never want to work in that space”. It’s funny that I remember that specific moment and how my life and career would evolve to have Epilepsy as such a central aspect.

In 2012, at age 3 my eldest daughter would be diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of Epilepsy and our life would be turned upside down in an instant. This was a scary and stressful time for us. Having been through the journey of her treatment in combination with dietary and lifestyle changes (that I believe saved her life), she is now completely free from seizures and no longer needs any medication. You can read my full story and learn more about how I used nutrition to help manage my daughter’s epilepsy here.

Throughout my 14 years working in clinical practice I have supported other practitioners, working as a Senior Trainer and Practitioner Educator and as a Clinical Nutritionist specialising in children’s nutrition and digestive disorders. During this time I also ran my business “Sonya Reynolds” and received my BeautifulYou Life Coach certification with the goal of supporting women like me, mums of kids with additional needs, to find themselves again after living through medical emergencies and trauma that others just couldn’t understand.

With my daughter’s health stabilised, I decided it was time to finally focus on my business full-time. Offering online nutrition services means I can run my business around my family’s needs while providing the personalised and connected nutritional services I’m passionate about to my amazing clients.

About Me

I adore the ocean and can’t resist jumping into it whenever I’m near it. There’s something so refreshing and revitalizing about feeling salty and sandy that instantly puts me in a good mood. I value connection with others and enjoy having deep conversations over a glass of wine with my friends. Small talk isn’t my thing; I crave meaningful and honest dialogue with people.

Staying active is a non-negotiable for me, and I make it a priority to weight train and exercise regularly. I feel cranky and restless when I don’t move enough, so I try to incorporate movement into my day, whether it’s going for a walk-and-talk meeting or hitting the gym with my personal trainer. I have a soft spot for dogs and have adopted several older pups over the years, providing them with love and care throughout their aging process. 

While I live in Sydney, I’m originally from the south coast of NSW. South Gold Coast, where my parents now live, is my home away from home.

Womens nutrition expert Sonya Reynolds juggling lemons
Work with me

My Specialties

Women’s Weight Loss

There is no quick or easy way to lose fat, yet there is no shortage of people claiming to do just that. I offer evidence-based, nutrition-focused weight loss services specially designed for busy women with personalised support to reach your weight loss goals. 

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Digestive Disorders

I help my clients to overcome all forms of gut health and digestive disorders including Constipation, Diarrhoea, Bloating, IBS( Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Leaky Gut Syndrome, ParasitesGut Dysbiosis, Food Intolerances and Slow Bowel Transit

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Paediatric Nutrition

I love working with kids and children’s nutrition is something I’m deeply passionate about. As a mum of 2, I understand that dietary changes can be overwhelming and a big point of tension in the home. I provide targeted treatments for your child to minimise stress and support your child to reach their true potential.

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Nutritional Therapy For Epilepsy

Using nutrition and lifestyle as complementary medicine, I can help you to improve the quality of life for your child, including minimising the side effects of medication and stabilising mood. I will also be in your corner to advocate for you, help you navigate the medical system and support you through your journey to help you navigate this often unspoken-about path.

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” When Sonya and I first connected I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed from doing too many things. I was juggling a new business, an old business, being a mom, kids and a partner. I did not feel as confident as I could be especially with trusting my intuition. But even as fast as the end of that first session, I felt very safe, heard and much clearer with a strong motivating goal formulated. Sonya was honest, empowering and clear thought out our Coaching journey. Working with Sonya will guarantee you to have a genuine, loving and strong support by your side, enabling you to get back into your own inner power to move forward to your goals. ” – Indri Tulusan

” My experience of coaching with Sonya left me feeling supported, valued and empowered. I work on my own so having a mentor enabled me to stay focused and motivated. It was easy to share and talk about things I was struggling to navigate. It was refreshing to be talking about the future and the goals I wanted to put in place. It really got me thinking that I need to continue investing in my own self-development and having someone to bounce ideas off and support is so key when running your own business with such a busy schedule. ” – Victoria Brown
” Sonya has been amazing in improving my overall health, Physically and mentally. Iv seen a lot of health practitioners and Sonya has been able to pin point some key factors in my health that other health practitioners have missed out on. This has really fast tracked me feeling better, sooner rather than later. Sonya is also super professional and really easy to talk to and you can really feel like you can open up to her about your health challenges you are facing. I highly recommend her. ” – Luke Willers

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Online Consultations

I would love to help you and your family feel better. Please contact me for a 15-minute no-obligation chat to see if we can work together. I offer Zoom, Skype, and phone consultations for my clients in Sydney and throughout Australia.

0408 553 771


Sydney, NSW