Fat Loss Kickstart

A Holistic Approach to Weight Loss

Have you tried everything?

Calorie restrictions, fasting or maybe you’ve worked hard with excessive training and you’re still not getting the results you want?

Maybe you know exactly what you are doing ‘wrong’ yet you keep putting on weight as you need someone to hold you accountable and offer you encouragement.

Maybe you have done blood tests but everyone is saying ‘you’re fine’ and you keep putting on weight and feel tired and unmotivated.

Perhaps you’re bloated, don’t fit in your pants and you’re not sure where to from here?

Did you know your body tries to keep itself safe and just like blood sugar and blood pressure our body has a set point.

A weight where it feels ‘safe’.

Sometimes the weight on the scales is far above where we feel ‘safe’.

To reset our set point we use evidence based best practice for fat loss.

Sonya will personally review all of your health history and blood tests and then choose a style of eating where you aren’t hungry or restricted but finally losing fat.

I contacted Sonya as I was feeling uncomfortable about my weight and had been bouncing around diets like keto or high protein with small gains but no ability to sustain or commit consistently.

Sonya’s advice was so different to the way I had been eating and it was so refreshing.

By eating good, real food which even included carbs I felt consistently good, full of energy and I was able to manage the plan with my hectic work and home schedule. Our sessions were so informative and really kept me on track. Sonya is so supportive and knowledgeable.

I am thrilled with my results losing 4.5kg of fat and 11 cm around my waist in 6 weeks!

Suzy Newell-Courtney

Results speak for themselves – I have lost seven kilos of fat in six weeks. Plus two dress sizes.

And still losing.

Their recipe book was full of delicious recipes with lots of options to swap in or out. I was never hungry.

Sonya also helped me sort out some gut health issues and also how to successfully navigate my way through all the pre-Christmas parties.

Highly recommend Sonya for her expert knowledge and realistic approach to health and wellness.

Margaret Michael

Other weight loss programs may not have worked for you…

I hear this all the time.

Did you feel like:

You counted calories until you lost interest
You didn’t have the personalized support you needed
You lost motivation and interest
You didn’t receive the research-based education you needed
You didn’t have access to qualified nutritionists
The food you ate was tasteless and boring
There was no accountability
You were confused about what to eat and didn’t have clear guidelines.

That’s where our weight loss program is different:
No-one has ever looked for the ROOT CAUSE as to WHY you aren’t getting results.

Instead, you’ll recieve:






My fat loss kickstart provides:

Fortnightly consultations over six weeks
3 week meal planner valued at over $99
Unlimited email support
Personalised blood test review
Holistic approach to fat loss

VALUE over $725

Investment $600

Meet your nutritionist

Sonya Reynolds, nutritionist and wellness coach portrait

I’m Sonya Reynolds, a degree certified Nutritionist and Life Coach with over 16 years of experience. I specialise in helping mums and their children work towards healthier lives, naturally.

I use a holistic approach to help my clients achieve their health and wellbeing goals by combining natural nutrition and wellness coaching. I help women of all ages and walks of life to reset, recalibrate and reinvigorate their lives through nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset.

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Sydney, NSW