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I’m Sonya Reynolds, a degree certified Nutritionist and Life Coach with over 16 years of experience. I’m passionate about helping women and their children work towards healthier lives, naturally. I provide holistic online nutrition and coaching consultation to my clients in Sydney and throughout Australia.

I specialise in women’s weight loss, gut health, detoxification, gastrointestinal and digestive disorders, paediatric nutrition, and natural epilepsy management. I have a unique perspective on children’s health and chronic illness from my own journey with my daughter’s diagnosis of Paediatric Epilepsy and successfully treating it naturally.

As an experienced nutritional therapist, I will evaluate your nutritional needs, support normal function, and identify nutritional deficiencies or underlying issues affecting your health. I use a holistic approach to help my clients achieve their health and wellbeing goals by combining natural nutrition and wellness coaching.


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Nutritional Therapist

A holistic blend of personalised nutrition advice and lifestyle recommendations with mindset work, self-care, and resilience-building.

Women's Weight Loss

Personalised support to reach your weight loss goals with my holistic 6-week fat loss program specially designed with busy women in mind.

Natural Epilepsy Support

Natural support to manage epilepsy and obtain a better quality of life using natural evidence-based clinical nutrition, supplements, and vitamins.

Hi i’m Sonya

Nutritionist, Life Coach and Mum

BA; Dip Nutrition – Grad Cert; Nutrition – Beautiful You Life Coach

My interest in nutrition was sparked by a deep desire to help people heal themselves. Through my 16 years working in Nutrition and Natural Health, the ability to help people achieve real and often life-changing results has been very rewarding.

I believe in a holistic approach combining nutrition and wellness for natural health and well-being. I give personal, individualised advice on how to eat, feel better and achieve your goals.

My knowledge and experience in Nutrition became the key to healing our family when my eldest daughter was diagnosed with sudden onset, rare and aggressive epilepsy at age 3 and a half. Drawing on my skills and a deep understanding of the body I was able to make changes that I believe saved her life.



” When Sonya and I first connected I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed from doing too many things. I was juggling a new business, an old business, being a mom, kids and a partner. I did not feel as confident as I could be especially with trusting my intuition. But even as fast as the end of that first session, I felt very safe, heard and much clearer with a strong motivating goal formulated. Sonya was honest, empowering and clear thought out our Coaching journey. Working with Sonya will guarantee you to have a genuine, loving and strong support by your side, enabling you to get back into your own inner power to move forward to your goals. ” – Indri Tulusan

” My experience of coaching with Sonya left me feeling supported, valued and empowered. I work on my own so having a mentor enabled me to stay focused and motivated. It was easy to share and talk about things I was struggling to navigate. It was refreshing to be talking about the future and the goals I wanted to put in place. It really got me thinking that I need to continue investing in my own self-development and having someone to bounce ideas off and support is so key when running your own business with such a busy schedule. ” – Victoria Brown
” Sonya has been amazing in improving my overall health, Physically and mentally. Iv seen a lot of health practitioners and Sonya has been able to pin point some key factors in my health that other health practitioners have missed out on. This has really fast tracked me feeling better, sooner rather than later. Sonya is also super professional and really easy to talk to and you can really feel like you can open up to her about your health challenges you are facing. I highly recommend her. ” – Luke Willers


Do you offer face to face consultations?

Currently, I am only available for online video (Zoom) and phone consultations with clients anywhere in Australia. Watch this space as there may be a Sonya Reynolds clinic in Sydney in the future.

How much do your services cost?

Please refer to my booking page for current pricing on single sessions OR book a free no-obligation introductory consultation to discuss your goals and needs.

Are your services covered by insurance or medicare?

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover nutritionists though many private health insurance funds may cover some of the costs. Check with your health insurance company to understand your coverage.

Can you help with weight loss?

YES! Fat loss/weight loss is one of my specialities. I have a personalised 6-week fat loss program reviewing your blood tests, how you eat, why you eat what you eat, and the drivers for your weight gain

Can you help with digestive issues and constipation?

YES! I love helping clients with these conditions. I will look and test for a range of underlying issues that may be the cause or contribute to digestive issues and constipation to find a root cause. This is available for both adult and paediatric patients and will work alongside standard allopathic treatments.

Can you help with gut health?

YES! I am passionate about helping people understand how their gut health impacts their well-being and how nutrition can be the key to feeling better and reaching your health goals.

Can you help with acid reflux?

YES! There can be many causes for acid reflux, and antacids and reflux medications such as PPI are only band-aid solutions meant for the short term. We can create a long term plan for supporting your upper gastric health.

Do you test for food intolerance?

YES! I can perform checks to assess which foods agree with your body, which foods should be limited and for any foods to which you might be intolerant, with support to manage and meet your health goals.

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Online Consultations

I would love to help you and your family feel better. Please contact me for a 15-minute no-obligation chat to see if we can work together. I offer Zoom, Skype, and phone consultations for my clients in Sydney and throughout Australia.

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Sydney, NSW