Keto for Families:

Nutrition for Neuro Wellness Program



This program was born from frustration.

Frustration that diet therapy was often dismissed by doctors and specialists (when it is a gamechanger for neurological conditions!).

Frustration that families were not given the support that was needed when using diet therapy for their children’s health.

Frustration that there seemed to be a ton of confusing misinformation going around social media sites like Instagram and TikTok.

Frustration that parents felt like the only option was medication and nothing else.

I understand that the most overwhelming part of adjusting a family’s diet is the implementation.

The questions that arise.

The challenges that pop up.

The adjustment of meal prepping, grocery shopping and cooking in a different way.

The need for support and connection throughout the journey.

How do I know this?

I’ve been there. I’ve been the overwhelmed mum who was desperate to do anything to help my daughter when she developed epilepsy. To adjust things from all angles so she could have the best life possible.

Through trial and error and a ton of lessons learnt, I successfully changed our family’s eating habits over to a ketogenic diet which then morphed into the Modified Atkins Diet (MAD).

It had an incredible impact, not just on my daughter but on everyone in the family.

So I want this for you, too.

Get the support YOU need.
Be part of a community
of likeminded families wanting to optimise their kids and their families health
Work closely with an expert
who is also a busy mum and knows the struggles of day-to-day family life
Be held in this safety net
whilst you try new things – experimenting with changes and having support each step of the way
Celebrate your wins
not just with your family, but others who are journeying this path with you

Program Breakdown

Commences Tuesday 14th August 7pm

Each week we will have a group Zoom connection call together at 7pm AEST for 60 minutes, focused on the following topics:

Week one:
Where to start, common side effects, FAQs, supermarket swaps, how to prep your cupboards, shopping, plus Keto/MAD must haves

Week two:
Q&A, herbs and spices, functional testing options

Weeks three and four:
Education around GAPS, medical cannabis, and environmental toxins, as well as support around how implementation is going at this mid-way mark

Week five:
Reflection on what’s working and what needs tweaking to suit your family

Week six:
Where to from here, celebrating the wins and planning for the long term


And don’t worry – if you miss a call, there will be a recording.

This six week live group program takes you through these changes step-by-step, and includes:

Family friendly recipes

Personally curated MAD breakfasts/lunch/dinners and snack ideas

Weekly group Zoom connection calls

Private WhatsApp group to ask questions, share recipes and the journey between the catch ups

Weekly handouts and resources

Valued at over $1497

Your Investment $397

Meet your nutritionist

Sonya Reynolds, nutritionist and wellness coach portrait

I’m Sonya Reynolds, a degree certified Nutritionist and Life Coach with over 16 years of experience. I specialise in helping mums and their children work towards healthier lives, naturally.

I use a holistic approach to help my clients achieve their health and wellbeing goals by combining natural nutrition and wellness coaching. I help women of all ages and walks of life to reset, recalibrate and reinvigorate their lives through nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset.

Sydney, NSW