Building resilience through self care.
Cultivating your goals and dreams through consistent, inspired action.
Allowing you to curate the life that you want, despite any challenges or circumstances.

When you hear the words ‘self care’ do you cringe?

Perhaps the idea of candles and a bath feels all too fluffy to you…

Or maybe you think of the massage that never gets scheduled, because, well…life.

But what if we were to look beyond the luxury robe and the fancy bath salts?

What if self care was so much more than that?

What if self care meant giving yourself the same amount of time, love and connection that you do to others?

I know, I know…

Your whole life has been about your children or career and now you’re worn out, confused about what’s next and how to even start.

You know you need to make yourself a priority again. 

But, how?

Enter me, Sonya! Flying in to hand you your superwoman cape (thing is: it’s been with you all along, but you may have just lost sight of it it amongst the kids clothes and incredible meals you prepare for them).

I have been where you are, and I know how it feels to be lost in amidst family life. And I know how much of a struggle it can be. But I was able to utilise effective tools and techniques, develop some kick-arse resilience and really recalibrate how I was showing up for myself and for my family.

Do you feel…

Scattered and overwhelmed

Not sure what to focus on

Needing clarity and direction on how to fit in your life goals when you have been so busy caring for others

Ready to relinquish the mother guilt and make yourself a priority again?!

Why me?

I have drowned in my ‘not good enough story’ and lacked the energy or brain space to find myself out of my sadness, grief and lostness.

I have struggled with the diagnosis of my daughter’s rare and aggressive epilepsy.

I have told myself the story, “why me?”

I have grieved for the life I thought we’d have.

But you know what? Through this struggle comes beauty. 

It unlocks your resilience.

My approach is not fluffy.

But it is gentle.

Think of me as your girlfriend, holding your hand through the struggle and helping you rediscover what you need and want out of life.

 I am here to help you channel your challenges into resilience.

By the end of our time together, you will have…

Felt more centred, grounded and cared for

Ticked off heart-centred goals and sinking your teeth into life again

Given yourself a toolbox of techniques that you can use to recalibrate when things get hard

Optimised your body and nutrition so that you’re thriving

Built up your resilience in all areas.

Happy mum, happy kids…

Want to ask a few questions before we start? 

What you get:

My coaching program is a blend of mindset work, self care and resilience-building, with nutrition advice, supplement support and lifestyle recommendations so that you fire on all cylinders in all areas.

There is no protocol or plan I am putting you through, each coaching journey is unique and fully tailored to who you are, where you’re at and where you are going.

We are together for six powerful sessions over the course of three months.

Investment is 6 fortnightly payments of $275  

Or pay $1500 upfront and save.


0408 553 771

Sydney, NSW