Kind words

When Sonya and I first connected I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed from doing too many things. I was juggling a new business, an old business, being a mom, kids and a partner.

I did not feel as confident as I could be especially with trusting my intuition.  But even as fast as the end of that first session,

I felt very safe, heard and much clearer with a strong motivating goal formulated.  Sonya was honest, empowering and clear thought out out Coaching journey.

Working with Sonya will guarantee you to have a genuine, loving and strong support by your side, enabling you to get back into your own inner power to move forward to your goals.  

Indri Tulusan, Breathe into Being You. Breathworker and Life Coach.

I was unsure what to expect as I had never experienced personalised coaching. 

To be honest, I was probably a bit apprehensive as I was worried it would highlight what I was really trying to ignore, my needs.

After the first session, I realised that I needed change, but most importantly I didn’t need all the changes to happen overnight.  
Small steps each week were okay. 

With Sonya’s help, we set small doable goals weekly. I loved having her check in each week to see how the progress was, and even if my small tasks weren’t achieved, we would problem solve on more attainable tasks/goals for the following week. 

Let’s face it, life often gets in the way. I felt encouraged to focus on the positive’s.

My goals were based around self care and my relationships. My partner in particular noticed a deeper level of communication and also an increase in my energy for taking time to nourish myself and move my body. 

One of the biggest changes I have noticed in myself, is that when my life is spiralling out of control (which often happens), I find myself reflecting back on the skills that Sonya encouraged me to follow, that being, knowing what I need right now and setting small little tasks each week to get back to the place I was.  
If I could use three words to describe my experience with Sonya
Accepting, Liberating, Transforming – and in that order.

Bree Pennie – The Double D’s take on CMV.

My experience of coaching with Sonya left me feeling supported, valued and empowered

I work on my own so having a mentor enabled me to stay focused and motivated. It was easy to share and talk about things I was struggling to navigate.

 It was refreshing to be talking about the future and the goals I wanted to put in place.

It really got me thinking that I need to continue investing in my own self-development and having someone to bounce ideas off and support is so key when running your own business with such a busy schedule

Victoria Brown

Business Manager (Rubbedin) / Owner (Boadicea Brown)